2 swing glass door merchandiser refrigerator

2 swing glass door merchandiser refrigerator 48″ large from Everest. It is used for for pops, bottles, fresh food, water, juice or any other items requiring a cold temperature. It is really easy to adjust the temperature with the controller. The cabinet is well constructed with white heavy duty coated steel and the insulation is composed of 2,5″ thick high density foamed-in-place polyurethane. You can remove the grill at the bottom for and easy access to the refrigeration. It is a sliding unit, it will facilitate the repair and the maintenance. It is 48″ large so it can be convenient for some locations.

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  • Capacity: 48 pi³
  • Configuration: 8 grills and the bottom
  • Dimension: 48'' wide x 26'' depth x 79'' height
  • Weight: 494 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15 amp circuit