Bistro M2L with milk

The Bistro M2L coffee machine with milk is the most recent model available at Distomatic. Appreciate a good coffee infused cup by cup coming from fresh ground coffee beans. This counter top vending machine offers  several hot beverages choices: 2 coffee beans, 50/50 mix, hot chocolate, French vanilla, mokaccino, vaniccino, cappuccino and the milk add-on (half-one-two). The soluble canister for the milk can be used for an instant espresso or any other gourmet beverage (hazelnut, Irish cream, Scottish caramel, white hot chocolate, etc.)

The Bistro M2L single cup brewer is an ecologic equipment which produces biodegradable waste. An ideal solution if you look to go green. Its advanced infusion technology produces a good cup by cup coffee that your consumers will love.

Available colours: silver and titanium

  • Category: Coffee, New
  • Capacity: 2 coffee beans, chocolates, french vanilla and milk or instant coffee
  • Configuration: 3 brew strengths, 3 milk add-on, 3 cup sizes
  • Dimension: 16'' wide x 26'' depth x 38,5'' height
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15 amp circuit