Coin changers 9300 series

Coinco famous 9300 series 3 tubes coin mechanism is available at Distomatic. It accepts nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars and there is a capacity of $40.55 in nickel, dime and quarter payout. It is the most reliable coin changer in the industry and it is available in several models to connect with all vending machines.

9302-CGX is the new MDB coin changer, 6 pin connector, 36 volts, available both new and refurbished.
9300-CLD 12 pin connector, 117 volts, only available refurbished.
9302-CLD 12 pin connector, 24 volts, only available refurbished.
9302-CLF 15 pin connector, 24 volts, only available refurbished.
9300-CSD is a single-price coin changer, only available refurbished.

All of our coin mechanism are updated for the new currency so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • Category: Payment system
  • Configuration: nickel, dime and quarter payout