Crane Hot Drink 673

Full size coffee vending machine Crane Hot Drink 673 with ground coffee.

All the ingredients are inside this full size coffee machine: cups, sugar, cream, milk, coffee, french vanilla and hot chocolate.

With 2 ground coffees (cup per cup with filter paper), 1 instant chocolate, vanilla and 1 additional soluble, this coffee vending machine offers several possibilities of hot drinks. Since all the ingredients and supplies are inside the machine, managing them is easier compared to the countertop model.

Select our Crane Hot Drink 673 model for good volume locations.

  • Category: Used / Refurbished
  • Capacity: 2 ground coffees, 3 solubles, sugar, cream and milk
  • Configuration: 2 sizes of glass
  • Dimension: 38'' wide x 31'' depth x 72'' height
  • Weight: 475 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 20A Circuit