Deli Duo combo

The Deli Duo combo is a compact vending machine which is ideal for a small location. It fits in a small room and it has good capacity considering its small size. Consider this Deli Duo combo vending machine in a waiting room, staff room, car showroom, hair salon, etc. You can offer up to 16 choices of snacks and 6 choices of cold beverages with this combo vending machine, which might be enough for the snacks and cold drinks needs of some small locations.

The Deli Duo combo is user friendly. The programming has been simplified, so you will find the equipment easy to use. Its  refrigeration system is located in the front of the vending machine. You won’t have to leave a gap between the wall and the machine,  which can placed directly to the wall. An important thing when space counts!

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  • Capacity: 310 items
  • Configuration: 16 snacks + 6 beverages
  • Dimension: 30'' wide x 28,5'' depth x 70'' height
  • Weight: 291 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15 amp circuit
  • Option: Coinco Vantage bill acceptor