FlexiMax Combo 4 – NEW ARRIVAL

The FlexiMax Combo 4 with its modern appearance and European design makes it a perfect vending machine for all your projects. In addition to its forward thinking appearance, the FlexiMax has a solid structure and is fully insulated. You’ll enjoy several other benefits, such as a 10″ LCD screen for streaming multimedia, LED lighting to enhance the presentation of your products, two temperature zones for snacks and beverages, the assured vend that delivers the product and reimburses the customer without any problem. The FlexiMax Combo 4 is also compatible with all payment systems: coin, bill reader as well as debit and credit card reader.

Sell ​​a variety of products with this FlexiMax Combo 4 vending machine by choosing from two different configurations. This machine is very versatile and offers you optimal flexibility to sell snacks, beverages and fresh foods. Dare with different products and get more sales!

Buy the FlexiMax Combo 4 and enjoy it for several years!

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There are three models of FlexiMax Combo in the series, there is this one, the Combo 4 which is the second of this series, but if you need a little smaller, we have the Combo 3 and if you want bigger, we invite you to see our Combo 5.

  • Category: Combo equipment, New
  • Capacity: Config 440 : 286 items / Config 436: 256 items
  • Configuration: Config 440 : 40 selections / Config 436: 37 selections
  • Dimension: 36.5'' wide x 32.5'' depth x 72'' height
  • Weight: 705 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15A Circuit