Iris NFC debit/credit card reader

Our Iris NFC debit/credit card reader is a new way you can increase your vending sales by 15% to 30% in today competitive market. NFC (Apple Pay, Google Wallet), Debit (Interac flash) and credit (Visa, Mastercard) payment can be accepted if you install our new card reader payment system.

Customers are now carrying less and less money and coin and they are using plastic cards to pay everywhere, so vending machines should now accept customers paying methods. This is where the Coinco Iris NFC debit credit card reader play a big role because it is the system that you need to make your vending machine accept debit (Interac flash) and credit (Visa, Mastercard) card payment. It will also accept NFC cellular payment in the future because it is ready for it (Apple Pay, Google Wallet)

You need vending machine with MDB and Cashless mode to enable the Coinco Iris NFC debit credit card reader.

  • Category: Payment system
  • Configuration: Debit (Interac flash), Credit (Visa, Mastercard) and NFC (Apple Pay, Google Wallet)