MC100 standard change machine

The MC100 standard change machine from Standard Changer Maker is a bill changer, it is exchange the 5$-10$-20$ into quarters or looney, the MC100 has only one hopper so you need to know if you want to give back quarters or looney, if you want to give back both, we suggest you to consider the MC200 standard change machine. A base and a top is available in option for the MC100 standard change machine, which is strongly recommended if you want to fit your MC100 standard change machine into two vending machine. You can also install it alone on the wall or on a cabinet.

  • Category: Payment system
  • Capacity: 800$ ou 3200 x 0,25$
  • Configuration: 1 hopper, 0,25$ or 1$
  • Dimension: 8,5'' wide x 13'' depth x 32'' height
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15 amp circuit