Nayax Flash Interac Credit card reader

This is the new way to increase and optimize the sale of your products in your vending machines, making a wise and forward-thinking choice while keeping up with today’s technology. Your vending machine can now accept Debit (Interac flash), Credit (Visa, Mastercard) and NFC Cellphone (Apple Pay, Google Wallet) payments with the Nayax Flash Interac credit card reader

Join and further expand your customer base with the addition of Nayax Flash Interac credit card reader for those who now pay for most of their purchases with their debit and credit cards as well as their NFC phone. By accepting card and cellular payments, you will also allow your vending machines to adjust to these new payment habits. In addition, enjoy with Nayax a comprehensive online platform in real time to track your sales remotely.

* To allow the Nayax system to work, you must have an MDB vending machine, with a cashless mode.

  • Category: Payment system
  • Configuration: Debit (Interac flash), Credit (Visa, Mastercard) and NFC (Apple Pay, Google Wallet)