Premium Food 5

The Premium Food 5 is a refrigerated vending merchandiser with trays/spirals. It has a FIFO system (first-in-first-out) which is different versus a vending carousel for fresh food.

You can sell a large choice of fresh food:

  • Sandwiches, submarines, pitas, bagels, pizzas, snacks, dairy products, salads, etc.

We can configure the spirals and the tray, so it will be optimal for you to sell what you want. The Premium Food 5 has other very interesting functionality like; LED lighting to enhance the presentation of your products, the assured vend that delivers the product and reimburses the customer without any problem and it’s super easy to set your price.

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  • Capacity: 100 items
  • Configuration: 25 selections
  • Dimension: 39'' W x 37'' D x 72'' H
  • Weight: 736 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15A Circuit