Royal Vision 500

Royal Vision 500 new generation is a cold drinks vendor, it has a robotic arm to deliver the bottles and the cans. This vending machine is accepting all the format of bottle without any adjustment, which put this merchandiser as a must for the sales of cold drinks in any enterprise, public location, hospital, government, etc.

The robotic arm act like a show, the delivery of the cold drinks catch the attention of the people near the vending machine. You can sell up to 40 different products for a maximum of variety like juice, smoothie, milk, vitamin water, energy drinks, soda, coffee base cold drinks, etc. Try different cold beverages and with the Royal Vision 500 you will obtain a good return on your investment with the sales of bottle which will be more profitable than cans.

  • Category: Cold drink, New
  • Capacity: 280 x 591ml bottle or 320 x 355ml cans
  • Configuration: 40 selections of your choice
  • Dimension: 39,5'' wide x 35,5'' depth x 72'' height
  • Weight: 760 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15 amp circuit
  • Option: Coinco Vantage bill acceptor