Snack National Blueline

Our Snack National Blueline  is a top-of-the-line refurbished vending machine, it’s an excellent equipment at a good price value and also a very good alternative to a brand new machine.  

Refurbishing vending machine with the Blueline look is one of our specialty,  it’s giving the machine an awesome modern and elegant look. Besides their elegant appearance, these vending machines were minutely verified, cleaned and repainted. Several parts were replaced because they were defective or simply to update the device with the new technologies.

As a result, a distributing machine which looks and works like a brand new, for just a fraction of the price!

This vending machine is perfect if you use it to sell:

  • Chips, chocolates, cookies, pastries, nuts, gums, candies and many other ambient snack

Dare with different products and get more sales!

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