Stainless steel commercial freezer 2 closed swinging doors 54″

The stainless steel commercial freezer 2 closed swinging doors 54 inches wide of the ICI series with modern and attractive appearance, makes it a perfect freezer for your business, school, restaurant or even your own kitchen! The cabinet structure is fully designed with the highest industry standards in this area in addition to using polyurethane for very good insulation. Electronic temperature control, LED lighting and practical wheels for travel.

For each of the freezer in this series, each appliance can be locked, also has automatic door closing, and the ability to remain open at 90° .

Our commercial stainless steel freezers are backed by an excellent 2-year warranty on parts, labor and moving under certain conditions in addition to an additional 3 years on the compressor (parts only).

Buy this stainless steel commercial freezer 2 closed  swinging doors 54 inches wide and enjoy it for several years!


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  • Category: Commercial freezers, New
  • Capacity: 49pi³
  • Configuration: 6 tablets and the bottom
  • Dimension: 53.9" x 32.7" x 82.3"
  • Weight: 501 lbs
  • Electrical requirement: 15A Circuit