Guardian GLX 6 tubes coin mechanism

Guardian GLX 6 tubes coin mechanism of Coinco, several in stock, only available new. Its versatility and functionality make it one of the best money changers in the vending industry. In addition to being reliable, the Guardian GLX 6 Tubes is designed to make your life easier, the settings are simpler and it is very easy to maintain. Small change for the cassette, on this changer, the cassette is not pivoting but removable, you just need to lift the handle and you can remove the cassette completely to fill your tubes. You will also get with the Guardian GLX 6 tubes a great versatility with the tubes and you will also have the opportunity to put a fixed inventory for your coin acceptor.

We also do the upgrade for the new currency on your changers, you can get more informations about it from the parts department.

  • Category: Payment system
  • Configuration: Available in several configuration, interchangeable tubes