Increase your sales with a card reader

How increase your sales up to 15 % to 30 %?

By fetching the clientele which has no money in pocket with a interac flash & credit card reader!

Times are changing. The technology makes life easier to the consumer who needs less to carry cash money. The consumer who has to go to an automated banking machine before using your distributing machine quite has a chance to pass in front of a convenience store or to change his mind on the way.

A debit (interac flash), credit card reader NFC Coinco Iris (Iris reader and Iris media) will allow you to seize these clients while they are right in front of your distributor, even if they only have virtual money in hands! Thanks to this system, your customers can pay with their debit card (Interac flash), credit (Visa, MasterCard) and Cellular NFC (Apple Pay, Google Wallet to come).

All you need to make it works is a vending machine MDB with the Cashless mode. The users, who adhered to the Coinco Iris reader and the media technology, have seen their sales increasing from 15 % to 30 % in a short time.

So don’t allow any more the customers to pass under your nose just because they don’t carry cash money and communicate with your Distomatic adviser today!

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